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This guy walks into a pub with a gremlin sitting on his shoulder. He sits at the bar and orders a pint and a half of lager. The gremlin downs his half-pint, runs long the bar, dips his head in a blokes beer and goes, "Brrr! ". The guy orders another pint and a half. The gremlin repeats the performance. The bloke grabs the gremlin by the neck, shakes him up a bit, and says, "Listen, if you ever do that again I'll cut yer balls off! "The gremlin says, "Ain't got none! " "Well, I'll cut off yer prick! " "Ain't got one of them, neither. " says the gremlin. "Well, how do ya pee? "The gremlin smiled and said, "Brrr! "

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