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At a college with a shady reputation, the new dean responded to investigations into the basketball team by suspending any basketball player who wasn't maintaining a passing average. Furious, the coach came storming into the dean's office, followed by one of his star players. "You can't keep him from playing! " the coach roared. "We won't win this weekend without him! " "I don't care, " the dean said. "Things have gotten out of hand at this college. " "What do you mean, out of hand? " the coach demanded. "I'll show you what I mean, " the dean said. He turned to the basketball player and said, "Tell me,how much is six times seven? "The player thought for several seconds. Then he said, "Thirty- one? "The dean turned to the coach and said, "I rest my case. " "Oh, come on now, " the coach said. "Why are you making such a big deal of it? After all, he only missed it by one. "

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